Have you ever wondered why brides wear white, have bridesmaids and walk down the aisle on their father’s arm? What about something borrowed, something old, something new and something blue? Well we weren’t too sure either, so we did our research and were rather fascinated that most of these wedding traditions had a lot to do with keeping the evil spirits away- talk about spooky! Here are the most common wedding traditions explained… enjoy!

1 Why do brides have bridesmaids?
Well they weren’t there to help plan the wedding day. In Roman times, brides would have at least 10 bridesmaids who would all wear the same dress as the bride. This was done to distract the evil spirits from identifying the real bride and harming her. They would also be there to help defend against kidnapping of the bride – what a drama!

2 Why do brides stand to the left of her groom?
Brides would often be kidnapped by their families who were not in favour of the marriage taking place. Therefore, the bride would have had to stand to the left of the groom so that he could quickly draw out his sword with his right hand should there have been any opposition. How courageous, wouldn’t we all love for our husband-to-be to have to fight to marry us. Literally!

3 Why is it called a wedding breakfast?
We never understood why it was called a breakfast, as surely you would not be eating eggs and bacon on your wedding day… but how cute is this, it is called a breakfast as it is the first meal that the bride and groom would have together as husband and wife, which makes it the breakfast of their marriage. Do we feel a tear running down?

4 Why do grooms have a best man?
Nowadays the best man’s job is to plan a crazy stag party for his best friend! In Anglo- Saxon England a groom would depend on his strongest friend (best man) to help him fight any restraint from his bride’s family. The best man would also act as a protector to his friend’s bride so that no one would be able to harm her. Such Bravery!

5 Why do brides wear a veil?
In Ancient Roman times brides wore a veil to cover and disguise themselves from evil spirits that were jealous of her happiness, but the reveal has become a lovely tradtion!

6 Why is the wedding ring worn on the left ring finger?
Well the ancient Greeks’ believed that this was the only finger that had a vein that was correctly connected to the heart, which would promote love and happiness. Little did they know that all veins are linked to the heart. Sweet thought though.

So now you know a little more about where wedding traditions stemmed from!

With love from Corinthia London X

With love from Corinthia London,