Your wedding day is drawing near and you are hoping and praying that nothing goes wrong. However, sometimes things just happen, so you may as well be prepared for something to occur. Here is a list of some last-minute tips to keep handy as your wedding day approaches.

1 – Don’t over work yourself in the gym

Keep your workouts light and don’t strain yourself, avoid jumping around and any outdoor sports, the last thing you wants is a bruise or a graze. Incorporate yoga and Pilates, which are also great ways to keep calm and relaxed, especially with all those last-minute nerves flying around.

The Finer Details, Last Minute Wedding Tips

2 – Pack for your honeymoon early

The last thing that you want to have to do is pack the night before your wedding. Get yourself organised at least a week before. Be sure to also have your passports and travel documents in order

3 – Don’t go hungry!

This is vital, makes sure to eat on the day of your wedding, have a healthy big breakfast such as eggs, that will give you energy and won’t leave you bloated. Having an empty stomach will not help with the excitement and nerves.

4 – Pack a mini steamer

Subject to you not getting married in a hotel, some venues do not have steamers and you want your dress to look flawless!

The Finer Details, Last Minute Wedding Tips

5 – Check in with your vendors

Make sure to contact all your vendors at least a week before your wedding, establish final arrival times and departure times as well as run through the list of items that they will be providing

6 – Pack an emergency kit

Be sure to include bobby pins, stain remover, plasters, tissues, lip gloss, deodorant, mints, sticky tape, Pain Killers and hair spray!

The Finer Details, Last Minute Wedding Tips

7 – Flowers

Make sure that your florist delivers your bouquet, button holes and bridesmaid’s flowers in water. This is especially important during a summer wedding as the heat will make flowers wilt quickly.

So, there you have it, some of our top last minute tips. Be sure to explore the blog for more!

With love from Corinthia London,