Photo: Alexandra Pisani – Senior Wedding & Social Events Planner and Hayley Paige – Wedding Dress Designer.

How do your dresses differ in style compared with the rest of the bridal fashion?

Creativity is having an appetite for interpretation, and always being a student of design I believe in staying in touch with my imagination and being playful in my environments. To be truly authentic, you must be willing to take risks and always be evolving.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

For me inspiration is multi-faceted and always personality-based. I love harnessing different energies in each individual dress, just as every bride embodies a fantastically unique spirit. This season is about expression and structural shimmer – a lightning in a bottle type of phenomenon!

How do you see bridal fashion and trends evolving over the next two years?

Trends are ever changing and always open for interpretation. At the moment it’s all about sleeves and shades of champagne. I also see more brides willing to take a true fashion risk, whether that means going for a coloured gown or a super plunging neckline. I love the pageantry of it all. The willingness to go all out is where we have the most fun.

What are your thoughts on coloured wedding dressed? Can anyone pull them off?

I feel a lot of magic would be compromised if I restricted myself to white and ivory shades. In my mind it’s not so much the white dress as it is the dress. And the dress is boundless and forever fascinating in its composition! With a magnitude of varying skin tones, it’s important to be open to diverse hues, because you never know what might just sweep you off your feet.

Who would you absolutely love to dress?

Aside from going back in time and dressing my mom in the 70s, I would love to dress Zoe Kravitz! Her rockstar roots and fresh spirit are absolutely enchanting.

Hayley’s dresses are stocked at Les Trois Soeurs Bridal, London.

With love from Corinthia London,