One of London’s most renowned and well-established luxury florists, Mary Jane Vaughan is not only a wonderful person to be around, but also one of our preferred suppliers for events and weddings at Corinthia Hotel London.  With this in mind, a catch up over breakfast and flowers was long overdue and we made a fabulous morning of it…


We were up bright and early to meet Mary Jane Vaughan at Vauxhall Station before going straight to the Covent Garden Flower Market (of course, after stopping to pick up a morning coffee!)


Mary Jane Vaughan

Covent Garden Flower Market

It is always interesting to see how other people’s days start and what is an integral part to the rest of their routine it is, accompanying Mary Jane around the market that she knows so well was fascinating and eye opening.  She greeted familiar faces, explained the layout and informed us of the vast variety and number of flower and plant species.  Her arms became laden with bunches of flowers to take back to the studio, and Mary Jane continued to touch upon areas such as seasonality, compatibility with other blooms, and her personal recommendations for different types of weddings and events.

Covent Garden Flower Market

Covent Garden Flower Market

Covent Garden Flower Market

With our shopping list for the market was all ticked off, we loaded up the car and headed to her studio in Battersea for lots more fun to come.


The studio was buzzing with her team of friendly faces getting ready for the day’s orders and the upcoming weekend’s events.  She took us for a tour of the ‘Aladdin’s Cave’ which comprises of floor to ceiling shelving, each shelf groaning with beautiful props, vases and candles.  It was fascinating to see the range of items that they are able to offer to their clients, and regardless of the sheer number of items, everything is expertly sorted so that it can be located in a heartbeat.


The Studio

From wandering round the warehouse, we took a seat in the wonderfully sunny showroom of the building which, of course, is adorned with stunning floral arrangements and candles.  We took the time to have a delicious breakfast of croissants and fresh berries, whilst looking through the last events that we have hosted and looking forward to the confirmed weddings ahead.


One of the things that always impresses me with Mary Jane is her knowledge of Corinthia London spaces for events and weddings.  She knows every tone in the carpets, dimensions of the rooms and all the right ideas to suggest.  Another key ingredient in the Mary Jane Vaughan wedding package is just how incredibly nice every single member of her team are, they are always so welcoming and no request is ever too outrageous or difficult for them to discuss or create.

Here are some of our favourite designs from Mary Jane in our Corinthia London spaces…

Mary Jane Vaughan Wedding 003

Mary Jane Vaughan Wedding 001

Mary Jane Vaughan Wedding 004

Following our breakfast and catch up, we jumped at the chance to do a bit of floristry ourselves!  Aprons at the ready and stations at the workbench cleared, we were itching to have a go and improve our very limited skills.  With a pot and moist oasis waiting for us to start, we got to work under the watchful eye of Mary Jane and the guidance of her helpful team.  We began building up the foliage element before moving onto bright and beautiful florals including blue hydrangeas and pink roses interspersed through our designs.  It was clear that we were far from experts when looking at our efforts, but the team were so helpful and encouraging that regardless of the outcome we had a great time and really learned a lot that will help us in creating our own arrangements.


As much as we would have loved to stay at the studio all day, drinking tea and playing with flowers, we had to bid farewell to get back to the office and continue planning lots of lovely upcoming Corinthia London weddings.

We would just like to say a huge thank you to Mary Jane Vaughan for taking the time to hone our floristry skills and providing us with a most enjoyable morning.  An additional mention of gratitude for the MASSIVE bouquet of sunflowers that she presented me with just prior to leaving (knowing they are my favourite flowers)… Now that is what I call five-star service!


We can’t wait until the next wedding collaboration… Which isn’t too far away… So make sure you keep an eye on social media for beautiful blooms to come!

With love from Corinthia London,