As the days get lighter and the budding blooms of spring start to emerge, we at Corinthia Hotel London have one thing on our mind – flowers! From your bridal bouquet and the table centrepieces to his boutonnière, flowers can take a wedding from simple to stunning!

This week we spoke to Javier Salvador from By Appointment Only Design, our in-house florist, to get advice on all things floral – from the budget and colour palette to where to begin and what the hottest trends for weddings are in 2015, here is what they had to say:

What inspired you to become a florist?

We came down to London with the intention of offering a full Event Design and Production Service which we still offer, but naturally fell into flowers as we knew London had a niche for the type of floral design we offer.  We never trained in flowers or floristry, so whilst we know the basics of wiring etcetera,  it is not something we studied.  In a very short space of time and through much hard work we acquired a notable list of clients such as Harry Winston, Tom Ford Beauty, Tatler, and many more.

How do you differ from other florists?

As I mentioned already our background in Fashion and Design meant we never intended on a full on florist career, which whilst we still offer, our service is beyond this.  We offer Event Styling, design concepts and production, which encompass not just how a room looks with floral accents but the whole experience from smell to transforming how a space looks and feels.

Once a couple approaches you, tell us about the process involved with creating their vision.

Our name says it all, as it is ONLY by having an appointment that we can determine the extent of our involvement in a couple’s event.  We usually go through what they have already planned and established and present them with a sample table and how we can improve the desired look and embellish on this with little details that possibly other companies don’t offer. It is with a sample table that we help clients envisage what the event will truly look like and all the options available to them.  Whilst we may have a vision of the event they may struggle until this point.

For couples with no idea about flowers, where should they begin?

A florist’s nightmare is a client with no vision – they should come armed with images from media and Pinterest of flowers they like.  We also recommend magazine tears and interiors images so we can understand the feeling you want your event to provoke. Lastly, I always ask couples on the phone prior to seeing us to write an A4 sheet of words that they feel represent them so we can get inspiration from this.

How much should a couple be spending on their wedding flowers?

Budgets can be such a taboo subject, as sometimes couples feel that if they give you the full amount, you’ll run away with it and never turn up.  Depending on the look you wish to achieve clients should look at between 7-15% of the total budget of the wedding.  In general £4000 is a good starting point for a wedding of a hundred people at Corinthia Hotel London, as it gives you enough to make The Ballroom look beautiful without looking overdone.

Do couples need to take into consideration the seasons when choosing flowers?

When choosing flowers, if you choose seasonal, you get more for your money, but sometimes these aren’t the flowers that bulk up arrangements the most. We personally favor floral abundant looks using lots of hydrangeas, roses, and fragrant flowers, but we’ve done from simple modern to over the top.……after all our company mission is “More is Never Enough”

Are there any trends you’re noticing right now?

Bridal will usually go for pastels and whites, it’s not often you come across a bride that wants HOT pink and Orange….but we have done this too.

 Tell us about a ‘WOW’ look you’ve created

We wouldn’t necessarily call it WOW in that it was ostentatious….it was WOW because of the before and after……we transformed a dreary clear Marquee into an amazing space.  Only a small wedding, forty guests but everything was thought of, from the caricatures done as part of the seating plan and place cards to the hampers supplied for their journeys back home.

Here are some stunning shots of a springtime wedding created by By Appointment Only Design.


Floral Table Displays

Photographer: Catherine Mead  Website:

Photographer: Catherine Mead  Website: Catherine Mead  Website:

Photographer: Catherine Mead  Website:

Photographer: Catherine Mead  Website:

Photographer: Catherine Mead  Website:

Photographer: Catherine Mead  Website:

Photographer: Catherine Mead  Website:

Photographer: Catherine Mead  Website:

Photographer: Catherine Mead  Website: Catherine Mead  Website:

Photographer: Catherine Mead  Website:

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