Every bride wants to look a better version of themselves on their big day and creating that look isn’t as easy as it may sound. As you know going to the shops to buy good make-up isn’t cheap so why do many brides nowadays think that hiring a make-up artist is something they shouldn’t be paying good money on? Your images will stay with you for life and you want to look back at those photos knowing you looked you very best. Our advice to do that is to spend a little more and book the best.

We see and work with many great make-up artists here at Corinthia Hotel London, and one artist has stood out for us – Ana Ospina. Ana specialises in airbrush make up and this really is a new method to shout about.

We caught up with Ana over a coffee to find out about what she does and her top tips when looking for a make-up artist:

I Love my job as a Make-Up Artist, it’s been my life for over twenty years and it is a real passion not just a career choice. That reason alone will tell you that I can bring to the table a lot of experience in my artistry and an understanding in dealing with all sorts of situations in my role on the morning of a wedding. Over the years I have received extensive make-up training and I’ve worked in every field of make up from fashion, editorial, TV and of course, bridal, which has given me the ability to work under even the most intense pressure in a calm and professional manner. I hope I can guide brides through their trial and on the day of their wedding to achieve their vision of how they wish to look on their Big Day. I promise you that the way you look on your wedding day is worth investing in, as ultimately it will lead to how you feel, and that should be Amazing! Here are a few tips on what you should expect from your bridal Make-Up Artist:

1) On the day of the bridal make-up trial try out all options and please direct your artist, they cannot guess what you like or do not like unless you communicate, an open discussion throughout the trial will always give you the best outcome. You should be working together to create your bridal look. Do however allow the make-up artist a little creative freedom even if it is right at the end of the trial, you may actually be pleasantly surprised by colour options or the way they apply a product to enhance your features. If you’ve never tried false eyelashes before then at the trial would be the opportunity to give them a whirl, especially if you are curious as to their comfort and the look they will give.

2) Make sure that the make-up artist has matched your foundation to your face and your body; if the artist only matches your face it may be lighter or darker than the body and that will be even more accentuated in photography. This is the most important element of the make up application to create a flawless looking bride, especially as the neck and shoulders may be more exposed than usual, so matching your face to these areas of the body is essential.

3) It is so important that your make-up artist implements hygiene at all times! It is your face they are working on, so if they are not sanitary with their products you could run into trouble. If they do not keep products clean, use disposables, and also wash or sanitise their hands before commencing with make up, then you are at their mercy when it comes to getting an eye infection or cold sore or any other reaction from using dirty products or tools. Please do not let this happen.

4) You love the make-up looks achieved at the trial, so make sure that you get photos taken of all the images, and that they look great even with flash photography, as certain products can look beautiful to the naked eye but can make you look ghostly in pictures where flash is used. Have a trial early on in the day so you can see how well it last into the evening and if you are trying eyelashes for the first time that you feel comfortable to do so all day.

5) A great bridal make-up artist is professional at all times, someone that you can communicate with easily, and gives you a prompt response/solution to your query. This is the hardest of all the points above to verify. It is crucial though to do your research, read reviews from past brides, and other suppliers. You should check they are fully insured to carry out all services offered and that they have a great work ethic. I’ve had brides come to me after their make up artists have let them down when a larger more lucrative booking has come through. Your wedding day is hugely important and I still can’t comprehend how a “professional” could ever let a bride down, but it does happen. Once a make-up artist commits to your wedding date a contract protecting both parties for services agreed upon is important. A great make-up artist, just like other great wedding suppliers, will always go the extra mile for their brides and deliver excellent service.

6) Lastly you have to click with your make-up artist, especially as on the day of the wedding they have to put you at ease and make the morning a great experience for you and your bridal party, ensuring you are all given a great service within the time frames allowed, a great artist should be able to give you an idea of timings and how your morning should go and not be blasé about winging it on the day. They should allow plenty of time for all eventualities, in case of delays and interruptions that can occur.

Air Brush Make-up Artist

Air Brush Make-up Artist

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