Corinthia Hotel London is lucky enough to have hosted a multitude of marvellous weddings and events. None of them could have gone ahead, or have been so brilliantly achieved, if it weren’t for our Senior Wedding and Social Events Planner, Hannah Routledge.

Hannah has been with us for just under two years, and manages all of our wedding and social business. Any and every Corinthia Couple to consider the hotel as their dream venue has the her attention from day one. She will welcome you through the door, guide you (and sometimes hold your hands!) through the planning process and will be there on the big day ready to help in whatever way is needed.




2016 has been a fabulous year and our most successful one to date, with over forty Corinthia Couples marrying and celebrating under our roof, from the intimate family-only affairs to the no-expense-spared blow outs!


Sam + Joe married at the Corinthia Hotel, London, July 4 2016.

With all of these successes under her belt, we thought we’d catch up with Hannah to find out what it’s all about.

What is the favourite part of your job?

This is an easy answer.  For me, it’s all about meeting people and giving them their dream day.  Generally weddings are terrifying, confusing and overwhelming for most people – therefore I love the time after they walk through the doors, start talking to me and then we can go through everything in a way that leaves them not only calmer but excited about their big day.  We have had so many fabulous Corinthia couples and I am now so happy to say that some of them have returned on many occasions following their special day, and a handful now good friends.


What do you love most about Corinthia London for weddings?

In terms of spaces at the hotel, I still completely and utterly adore our Ballroom.  It is the original Ballroom and has been so carefully restored that it is just stunning.  The neutral design of creams, greys and silvers provide such an easy palate to work with when looking at the decor elements to a wedding which is a huge plus. 


 I also have to say that I love the views from the Penthouses here – they are occasionally available for our lucky couples and we can take them for photos there.  It is always a very special moment when you open the doors to a terrace and you hear the audible gasp and ‘wow’ as they soak up the view over this fantastic city.


Sam + Joe married at the Corinthia Hotel, London, July 4 2016.

On top of that, I think it is just the fact that we can literally offer everything to our couples.  Whether that be a relaxing spa day, a hairdressers appointment, a personalised nutrition and personal training programme, a pre-wedding afternoon tea etc… there is nothing else that they could need or want that we couldn’t provide.


How have you found 2016 as a year of weddings?

Busy!  It has been an incredibly hectic but wonderfully rewarding year in terms of weddings here.  We are so lucky to have such a great operations team that continue to execute every wedding with fantastic card and precision… and this year has only made them even stronger in this field.


Alexandra and Hannah

 This year has also been a great time to build even stronger bonds with our suppliers and contacts by being involved in some wonderful industry events.  Looking back, we hosted the second annual Corinthia Wedding Breakfast, we went flower arranging with Mary Jane Vaughan and we visited the showroom at Great Hire – just to name a few.

What were your funniest moments to look back on with your couples?

There are so many, but if I had to choose three this year they would probably include:

  • Back in August, a bride went to throw her bouquet to the single ladies attending her wedding. She stood in front of the stage with all of the ladies on the dance floor, threw the bouquet, there were squeals and then… we saw that the bouquet had landed in the chandelier! She had thrown it so high and so hard that it had made it all the way up there!
  • Shortly before walking down the aisle, a bride started to panic and have a meltdown about her dress sticking to the carpet(!). At this point, I couldn’t contain my surprise nor giggles at her ‘concern’ and neither could her bridesmaids who were also howling at this.  The bride then realised she was being silly and also got the giggles!  I’ve seen a lot of things at weddings but never a bride’s dress sticking to a carpet!
  • The moment that a beautiful little flower girl, in the middle of the wedding ceremony, wandered up to the groom and offered him a banana! Children always add such a fantastic element of surprise and the unexpected to any wedding.
  • At a recent wedding, the bride and groom really wanted some beautiful couple shots from the Royal Penthouse terrace however unfortunately it had just stopped raining and the floor was soaking. All concerned that her dress, with many layers, would be horrible and soggy for the rest of the day, the make up artist and I crouched down behind the couple and held all the layers of dress up so that beautiful photos could be taken from the hip up!  The hidden parts of this job!


Have any of the lovely weddings made you shed a tear?

It is very rare for me to shed a tear at weddings as my head is very much in ‘business mode’ checking that nothing has been forgotten and everyone is where they should be.  There were two moments this year that got me rather choked:

  • A groom wrote a wonderful speech that I thoroughly enjoyed listening to, then took the time to personally thank me and asking me to be presented with a gift from the bride.  I was incredibly touched by their kindness and gratitude – this definitely brought a tear to my eye.

Sam + Joe married at the Corinthia Hotel, London, July 4 2016.

  • And the other one, that actually made me shed a tear was a recent wedding at the moment the father of the bride saw his daughter in her wedding dress for the first time.  I was so fortunate to have a wonderful relationship with this family so could witness this.  The bride was ready in the bedroom of her suite, I brought the father of the bride into the lounge where he waited for her – and the moment she came through those doors, he completely fell apart.  Such a strong, emotionally-together man usually just melted in front of her.  It was such a special moment that I feel so honoured to have been there for – and it definitely got us all going!


What are you hoping for next year’s weddings?

The only things I am hoping for next year are another exciting collection of Corinthia weddings with really lovely couples.  This year I was lucky to have couples with personality, with heart and filled with fun – I hope this continues to next year as well. 

Sam + Joe married at the Corinthia Hotel, London, July 4 2016.


Well, we are now all dreaming of a Corinthia wedding! Hannah has done a fabulous job all year, and we are very grateful for her time in every way. If you would like to have the same Corinthia care and attention that our Corinthia Couples of 2016 have received, then please do get in touch on [email protected] or +44 (0)20 7321 3039.

With love from Corinthia London,