This week, With Love from Corinthia was invite to the London Luxury Wedding Collective at One Belgravia where we got to meet new wedding industry experts and see lots of familiar and friendly faces for a catch up.

On entering and registering, we were shown to one of the upstairs rooms for brunch with delicious breakfast canapés including miniature versions of smoked salmon bagels, eggs florentine and toasted sandwiches.






The talks began with an introduction from Rupa and WLFC friend, Mark Niemierko, where it was discussed that “luxury” is an incredibly over-used word in this industry therefore both we and our brides and grooms should be wary – just because the word “luxury” is written on a supplier’s website does not mean that they actually fall into that category.  (This is exactly why here at Corinthia Hotel London we have so many wonderful tried and tested luxury suppliers ready for our couples to use!)

We were then privileged to listen to the fabulous Daisy Amodio from The Proposers who spends her life composing every kind of alternative and memorable marriage proposal for couples to start their wedding journey together.

When setting up her business, Daisy noticed that there was a lot of pressure on today’s couples to come up with proposals like those delivered by celebrities. However, not everyone can stretch to a budget of £500,000 for a private beach covered in petals with a firework display… So this is where Daisy came in! With the slogan, “We do the planning. You pop the question”, The Proposers always ensure each proposal is unique and tailored to the couple.  To date, Daisy has orchestrated over 650 proposals and has a 100% success rate, with every single person saying ‘Yes’.

The first company of its kind, The Proposals has arranging everything for couples, from abseiling into caves to having cats dressed as waiters. It’s no wonder that Daisy had a TV show made and featured on Sky Lifetime. In fact, we thought we’d share a video of a memorable proposal from The Proposers with you, taking place just opposite Corinthia London, on the London Eye:

Following Daisy, we listened to Anne Cherktoff who is a true expert in PR & Marketing.  Anne has been in the editorial world since 1999 and therefore gained an immense wealth of knowledge and contacts that she was happy to discuss with us. From the lady that writes all the online content for Vera Wang, it was a pleasure to listen and learn.

One of the key aims of the day was for Photographer, Rupa Nagamootoo to educate us and share her knowledge about taking a better photograph.  Rupa had paired up with Fuji cameras who kindly brought in a selection for us to play with and improve our skills. With her tips on how to understand and master light and how to work on composition, we were ready for the photograph challenge before lunch. Rupa also delivered tips on how to choose a wedding photographer – crucial knowledge!






Once our photos were captured, and even some uploaded to Instagram (!) we had a delicious lunch prepared by Moving Venue.  The menu consisted of Handpicked Brixham Crab followed by Rack of Spring Lamb, and succeeded in satisfying some very hungry wedding people.








We cannot talk about lunch, however, without mentioning the absolutely incredible tablescapes created by wonderful florist Amie Bone. Her designs combined a collection of foliage with flowers in an array of colours, all set on beautiful grey table linen.  Later in the day, Amie described her designs as “luxury rustic” and explained that even though we are in an inner-city house, we can still do something a little different.








After lunch, we welcomed a panel hosted by Mark Niemierko with Renu from Sweet Hollywood (who provided the stunningly extravagant wedding cakes that were on display) and Amie Bone.








We discussed where they find their inspiration for such fabulous designs:

Amie: Everywhere!  It can be detailing on the ceiling, the person I’m working with or an object I see… Inspiration comes from everything.

Renu: I like to keep it unique and don’t want all my cakes to look the same, so my inspiration comes from trying to see what everyone else is doing then do the opposite – why not suspend a cake from the ceiling?!  Do something different!

We wrapped up the day with an informing and inspirational talk from Mark Niemierko who shared his journey, from how he made it in the wedding industry after working in TV and film before moving to events.  Fundamentally Niemierko is a wedding and event planner, but he then launched Niemierko Kids (thanks to his lovely niece, Ruby) and now he has created Niemierko Academy where he shares his wealth of knowledge with wedding planner students.  It was a pleasure to listen to the ups and the downs, and how Mark deals with success as well as the ever-changing parts of the industry.

As a final treat before leaving the beautifully decorated One Belgravia, we were offered a selection of Cocktails and Prosecco… The perfect way to finish!




With love from Corinthia London,