Once upon a time, flower crowns would only have been seen on the uber-cool Boho bride. Times, however have changed, and now they are slowly finding themselves being reimagined and redesigned to feature in weddings of every style. Whether relaxed and demure or bright and bold, there is a flower crown for every beautiful bride.

In this week’s article we thought we would talk you through the dos and don’ts of the bridal floral crown and also convince you that, yes, you too can pull it off!

Consider your personal style and the style of your dress

We may be stating the obvious, but when picking out your floral crown you need to consider whether it will go with your wedding dress. If you have your more traditional Carolina Herrera or Sassi Holford dress all fitted and ready for the big day, a rustic crown with feathers, wild foliage and twine will probably not work.  Instead, why not select a more structured piece? We’ve picked out a few of our favourites:



If your dress is more of a bohemian affair – like a Claire Pettibone, Katya Shehurina or an Alice Temperley – and your hair is going to be loose and relaxed, then a flower crown is the perfect way to complete your look. We suggest something like these:



Think seasonal

Nowadays we not only consider the seasons when we choose what to wear and decide what food to buy… but also when we pick the blooms for our flower crown!

Feel free to consider whether the flowers you are going to use reflect the time of year in which you are going to get married. For example, winter berries and spring buds can both work beautifully when putting together your crown.

It’s also worth thinking about matching your flowers to your location – perhaps roses or heathers if you are marrying in Britain, delicate frangipani blooms if you’re going to be barefoot on a Mediterranean beach, or go exotic for far away shores.

Remember though, that besides wanting them to match the surroundings, you also want them to be readily available in your preferred colours. You can use seasonality to your advantage in this, for example by including warm colours, copper, nuts and acorns in the autumn, or spray painted berries and baby’s breath as snow in the winter.



Real vs Fake Flowers

Please don’t let yourself be put off by the mental image of your granny’s plastic-stalked monstrosities when someone mentions fake flowers. Indeed you would be forgiven for thinking that wedding professionals would not approve of using false flowers for a bride’s crown with that image in mind, however it is actually quite the contrary! These days, there are excellent silk flowers that are perfect for these purposes. They do not wilt, the petals remain intact, and they survive unscathed all the hugs and kisses you receive on the day. And you can keep them forever as a memento of your big day…

But if I wear a flower crown, can I still wear a veil?

Yes, yes, YES!

Take a look at these beautiful brides who managed to combine stunning flower crowns with classic veils to create a breathtaking look:



Are you a bride who wore a flower crown at her wedding? Or perhaps you’re a bride-to-be and are considering it as an option… Would you go for the bold statement piece or the delicate simple design?

Whoever you may be, let us know your thoughts. We love to hear from you!

With love from Corinthia London,