Floral arrangements

  • The greenhouse wedding trend is still going strong and will continue to be seen in 2018.  Incorporating more plants into our daily lives as well as weddings allows brides to feel connected with nature and obtain a calm balance.
  • An influx of bold flowers and containers. Brides love the extensive mix of vintage and new pieces. Think concrete, coloured glass and geometric shapes and patterns, coupled with flowers that are daring and bolder. A variety of pastels will also still be used with punches of colour here and there.
  • Wedding wreaths are becoming very popular, and in some cases, are even replacing bouquets during those Winter weddings


  • 2018 really is all about standing out and choosing something a little more courageous. The same can be seen in the bridal catwalks. Long gone are the days of white and ivory dresses, expect to see an influx of colour that has never graced the runways before. Think dark reds, pinks and blues as well as alternative cuts and accessories, from fur, audacious capes and feathers.
  • Dresses are becoming dark, even black. Marchesa and Reem Arca are some of the many designers embracing this fashion.

Grooms’ attire

  • For 2018, waistcoats are very much in vogue, so you can expect to see a lot of wedding parties kitted out in three-piece suits.
  • Most of the jackets seen are single-breasted. Most are slim fit, or structured.


Make-up and hair

  • Thick, dark eyeliner seen by Marc Jacobs and Tom Ford to create that bold, strong look.
  • Berry lips, has already been seen repeatedly on brides and will continue to take centre stage throughout the remainder of the year and well into 2018.
  • Bright nails are also coming in – however these will be in full swing next year.
  • Natural looking skin is also taking centre stage. Brides want to look like they do in their everyday lives. With a focus on eyes and lips, it is important to keep the skin looking fresh and clean.
  • Hair is also taking a more natural look and should look and feel touchable. Long gone are the days of lots of hair spray and tight up-dos. Brides should try to look as natural as possible and as close to what they look like on a day-to-day basis.

Invitations and stationary

  • Stationery is becoming more personalised to the couple: story books of how the couple met are replacing ordinary paper.
  • Fabric and natural elements are also being used to add some excitement to the standard wedding invitation.

Colour schemes

  • Autumnal colours, reds, metallic, golds coupled with greenery.


  • Natural, underdressed cakes are still a front runner. While naked cakes are no longer in fashion, a fabulous option to bring a bit of colour to your cake is to dress the un-iced cake with flowers or fresh fruit for an alternative spin to it.
  • Metallic icing is very on trend, they infuse cool style to a wedding. We are seeing a lot of three-four tiered plain cakes, with two tiers in a metallic finish. Simplistic and stunning, these are perfect for a city wedding.
  • Flavoured tiers: More and more couples are mixing up flavours to offer more options and excitement in their cakes.



With love from Corinthia London,