There are three speeches that occur during a traditional British wedding; the Father of the Bride, the Groom’s, and the Best Man’s.

What to include in your speech and how to toast!

The Father of the Bride’s speech should be warm and personal, and begin by thanking the guests for attending the wedding, whilst acknowledging those who have travelled from afar to celebrate the bride and groom’s special day. The speech should then go on to give thanks to the Groom’s family for welcoming their daughter into their family, as well as extending a welcome to your new son-in-law into the family.

What to include in your speech and how to toast!

It is important to try to get a sentimental message across to your daughter as well as try to tell a story. Usually, Father of The Bride speeches refer to the bride as a little girl growing up and special memories of your time together. The speech shouldn’t be overly nostalgic, and may include some funny narratives about your daughter as well as her husband (if you have a good relationship with him). Remember that this speech is mainly about the daughter, as the Groom will get his time to shine during the Best Man’s speech.

What to include in your speech and how to toast!

The Groom’s speech is also another opportunity to thank the guests for attending the wedding. This speech should also give thanks to the Bridesmaids and Ushers for their help in organising the wedding as well as to the Best Man for his help in arranging the stag do. The Groom should then thank his family for all their support and love, and for warmly welcoming his beautiful bride into their family. The speech then goes on to mention the Bride and how amazing she looks on the day, as well as a humorous recount of when you both first met!

What to include in your speech and how to toast!

The funniest and most entertaining speech should be left for last, this being the Best Man’s speech. Best Men usually feel a lot of pressure when preparing for and delivering this speech, as guests expect it to be hilarious and the biggest form of entertainment during the wedding breakfast. Make sure to prepare, prepare and prepare! You are addressing a room full of people, many of which you have never met before. You should always write the speech in full and the reduce it into note cards so that it doesn’t come across bland and studied.


What to include in your speech and how to toast!

It is important to remember the following:

  1. Don’t embarrass the guests: The content of the speech must be funny but appropriate, do not make the guests feel uncomfortable, and whilst you want to make the groom feel awkward, just remember that there are certain things that are best kept between you!
  2. Keep it simple: Keep your speech to a maximum of 10 minutes long as otherwise it can drag out and become a little boring. Short and sweet is best!
  3. Drink! Please try to avoid drinking a lot before the speech, the last thing you want is to slur your words and make a fool out of yourself.
  4. Relax: This speech is an honour to give, so feel proud and stay calm. Try not to rush your words and allow the guests to enjoy and take in all the anecdotes!
  5. At the end of your speech, don’t forget to make the appropriate toast –the Father of the Bride would toast to the ‘the bride and groom’, the Groom would toast to ‘the bridesmaids’ and the Best Man would toast to ‘Mr and Mrs [newly-weds’ surname].

What to include in your speech and how to toast!

We hope these tips have helped – now let’s toast the Bride and Groom!

What to include in your speech and how to toast!

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