You’re engaged, so much excitement, all that you can think about is your wedding. So as most brides do, you set up a Pinterest board and begin to pin anything and everything that you think would make for a fabulous wedding…. But hold on, before you get carried away, trends come, and go and we thought that we would help a little with some of the things to steer clear of in 2017 to save your wedding from becoming dated.

1 Rustic weddings- Unless rustic is completely your style, weddings are moving towards becoming more elegant and timeless. You want to look back on your wedding photos and think that they still look great and haven’t dated in the slightest.

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2. Trends that do not compliment the space – This is possibly one of the most common mistakes that brides make. It is important to work with the palette that you have. Long, casual dining tables would look great in an outdoor wedding by the sea, however terrible in a city ballroom. Your wedding should be styled in the same way that you would style your home.

3 Family Style eating – What ever happened to good old classical dining? Guests love nothing more than feeling like that they are attending a special event and are being treated, so save family style dining for your home kitchen table.

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4 Bridal dress changes- How often do you get to wear a long, extravagant white, perfectly tailored dress? Hardly ever, probably never again. So, make the most of this one night and embrace wearing the most meaningful piece of clothing that you will ever own. Plus, being present in the moment, making memories and spending time with the people you care about most is all that counts, and has much more meaning than sneaking off to change your dress.

5 A plugged wedding- Although social media and technology are very on-trend, there is nothing nicer for your guests than to savour your wedding and really feel part of it. Don’t be afraid to abolish this trend of constantly being connected and to tell guests to put away their phones and make mental memories…

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Remember your wedding is an expression of both you and your partner’s passions, so don’t be afraid to incorporate touches that represent you both, be unique and have fun!

With love from Corinthia London,