1 The bride’s family should pay for the wedding!

Times have changed and the bride’s family are no longer expected to take care of all the wedding festivities. We are increasingly seeing both families contributing as well as the couple themselves offering to add to their own wedding. Always remember that whoever pays has a say, therefore chose your contributors wisely!

With Love From Corinthia - Wedding Traditions the can be broken

2 Bridesmaids

Whilst the idea of having your favourite girls helping you plan your day sounds lovely, the reality is that most of them want to pick their own dresses and not have to worry about any duties. Feel confident and walk down that aisle solo!

3 First Dance

Is this necessary? Encircled by hundreds of people watching as you and your partner awkwardly dance and look into each other’s eyes…? it’s a tad old fashioned and not to mention the countless hours of practice that goes into it.. who has time for that nowadays.

4 The Big Reveal

You don’t have to wait until the ceremony to see each other, you are allowed to spend every minute together until the ceremony, if that is what you desire! We also think that it is a lovely idea to have your photographer take pictures of the both of you in private before you are surrounded by all your guests, it’s a very intimate moment.

5 Honeymoon!

It is no longer customary to leave for the honeymoon right after the wedding party, and after all, what’s the rush anyway? You will both be feeling excited and tired after your big day so there is nothing better than just enjoying some down-time together in the comfort of your own surroundings… before heading off on that fabulous trip together!

With love from Corinthia London,