Nowadays with international businesses and opportunities abroad, our careers often take us in the direction of relocation. We may sometimes need to uproot our lives and start afresh, exploring new places and becoming a part of a new community. But what if when planning your wedding your new domicile does not feel enough like ‘home’ to get married there.  This is a predicament that many of our Corinthia London couples face and this week we are here to tell you how we do it… stress-free!

Once the couple has decided that London, and Corinthia Hotel, is the right place for them, we lock down their preferred date and go full steam ahead with the wedding planning.

From Scotland to Singapore, Wales to Washington, we manage to give all our ‘couples-at-a-distance’ their dream day by making the planning stages of their wedding as relaxing yet efficient as possible.


How does Hannah Routledge, our Corinthia Wedding Executive, do it?

When in London…
When the couple are in London, it is important to meet and spend a good amount of time brainstorming and catching up on progress. I jump at any opportunity to meet face-to-face when the couple are in town as this allows them to revisit the spaces and gradually get to know me so that I can provide them with all that they need.

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To-Do List…
After initial discussions and wedding talk I always provide tailored supplier information as well as timelines and guidelines to plan the wedding in a timely manner and to avoid anyone becoming overwhelmed.  Couples planning their wedding from afar can often feel disconnected being away from the location, so I always attempt to guide them as best as possible and keep them involved and up-to-date at all times.

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Plan Ahead…
This is probably the most crucial element from the Wedding Planner’s side: it’s vital to plan ahead.  Since my couples cannot just pop down after work to meet a florist, or squeeze in a dress fitting in their lunch break, it is so important that we plan any upcoming visits.  In the lead up to the wedding, we can plan around a visit to London and schedule in meetings, menu tastings, and all other necessary engagements.  This allows the couple to manage their time while they are here and to leave by ticking multiple items off their list and in turn feel content and more relaxed with the planning.
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I always attempt to steer my couples away from embroiling themselves in the mammoth task of finding accommodation for all their guests.  The bedrooms for the bridal party that are considered vital can be contracted and secured however what about the other guests who have no idea of their plans for the following year?  This is where I like to keep it simple and hold a selection of discounted rooms for the wedding party. Guests can call in and quote their unique code to book the desired rooms directly themselves, taking away some of the worry from the couple, especially if they are living overseas.  What could be simpler?!


Not sure what time you should get the DJ to set up, which track to walk down the aisle to, or which colour linen to choose from?  Just ask! Communication is one of the biggest elements that I encourage within my Corinthia couples.  It is vital that between the couple themselves they communicate, but also with me from a planning perspective.  All my couples know that whether by email, phone or Skype, they’re never too far away to be able to ask me the little questions and put their queries to bed.

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Wedding planning from afar can all seem incredibly daunting however in reality it is a feasible and low stress option which will culminate in the London wedding of your dreams!

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