When to send out wedding invitations?

The time frame in which to send out invitations usually depends on the location of your wedding. Traditionally you should aim to send out your invitations about 2 months before the wedding, leaving guests plenty of time to keep the weekend free and clear their diaries. Destination weddings usually require a longer time frame. It is advised to initially send out a save-the-date card 6 months in advance, for guests to start to plan their flights, hotels and so on. The invitation should then be sent 3 months before the wedding.


When should the RSVP deadline be?

It is important for you to get a rough idea of the total number of guests that are attending, so make your RSVP date a month before the wedding. This will allow you enough time to think about seating arrangements as well as food covers. It will also allow you to identify whether you have any extra budget left over from people that are unable to make your wedding.

Do we include dietary requirements on the wedding invite?

Dietary requirements should be noted on the RSVP card and not on the actual invitation. The RSVP card should have a space for the guests to fill in their name as well as some dietary options for them to complete. It is crucial that you do include this as otherwise you would have no way of identifying your guests eating preferences.

Is it possible to include registry information on the save-the-date?

We advise against this as it is views as being a little ill-mannered. Guests do not want to feel pressured into buying you a gift and you also do not want to come across as simply asking for presents. A wedding website is a wonderful way of including this information. Alternatively, you could tell your nearest and dearest to spread the word.

Is it rude not to invite every guest with a plus one?

Absolutely not! Plus ones should be saved for guests that are married and or are in a serious relationship. Guests will not take offence and you certainly will not have any guests asking you whether they can bring a guest or not, as this is simply not done. However, if a guest does ask, simply get in touch with them and explain that due to the size of the venue, it is not possible to invite any additional guests.


Wedding Invite Advice

Where should the dress code be written?

This usually goes in the lower hand corner of the invitation, example “cocktail attire”. Guests also get the sense of the feel and theme of your wedding just by looking at your invitation.

Where does the return address go?

This usually goes on two envelopes: The Invitation envelope and the RSVP card envelope. Whoever is hosting the wedding, eg parents should have the return address addressed to them!

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