How close to the wedding should you colour your hair?

If it is just a tint that you are after, then three to four days before the wedding is enough time to change anything should you need to. Normal standard highlights should be done at least a week before. For grey-hair and/ or re-growth, Alex recommends one to two days before to ensure that your hair will be looking perfectly coloured. Whatever you do, never colour your hair the day before the wedding as this leaves little time for any changes.

Hair Trials: Do brides need to come prepared in any way?

Trials should really be done one to two months in advance giving you enough time to look over the photos and to decide whether you are happy with the outcome. You should come with pictures on hand of your wedding dress as well as pictures of potential hairstyles that you would like to try. Also come prepared with any hair accessories and extensions that you are hoping to use. Always allow approximately two hours for your hair trial.

When should brides get their hair cut?

It is important to trim your hair every six weeks before the wedding to have your hair looking healthy and strong.  Do not go for any major restyling before your trial day as this will affect the outcome of the finished look. If you do decide to go for a dramatic change, then do this at least four months before the wedding so that your hair has time to grow out if needed.

Hair Treatments:

We asked Alex what her favorite hair treatments are and she swears by the two below:

  1. Olaplex – This 3-step process is scientifically proven to repair and strengthen hair from the inside out. It works on a molecular level to mend broken bonds caused by chemical and heat damage.
  2. Oribe Transformative Gold Masque – This hair treatment is packed with healing botanical extracts to reverse damage and rejuvenate tired, dull and dry hair.

Wedding Hair Advice with Love from Corinthia

Alex also recommends washing your hair the day before to prevent any fly away hair. Hair that is not extremely clean is much easier to style and will hold for longer. It’s also important not to get your hair done too early on your wedding day and don’t wear your hair too tight as this may cause headaches.

With love from Corinthia London,