Metallic icing

Right now these are very on trend, they infuse cool style to a wedding. We are seeing a lot of three-four tiered plain cakes, with two tiers in a metallic finish. Simplistic and stunning, these are perfect for a city wedding.

Naked cakes

Natural, underdressed cakes are still a front runner. While naked cakes are no longer in fashion, a fabulous option to bring a bit of colour to your cake is to dress the un-iced cake with flowers or fresh fruit for an alternative spin to it. Why not choose a mix of naked and iced layers?


Not only a key focus of the fashion and design world, this is now a clear favourite for cakes as a very bold and different option.

Wedding Cake Trends 2018



A hit in 2017 and it looks as though they will continue to be just as big in 2018. Brides love the textured, modern illusion that they create, adding an edge and elegance to any wedding.

Wedding Cake Trends 2018

Edible Decorations

Edible decorations

More and more couples are opting for edible flowers instead of the real thing. Sometimes these flowers look so real that it’s hard to tell the difference! A delicious twist to the flavour of the cake.

Flavoured tiers

The best way to make sure you and your partner have a cake you will both love, as well as something to appeal to all your guests! More and more couples are mixing up flavours to offer more options and excitement in their cakes. Long gone are the days of simple flavoured tiers.

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