Start off by drinking at least two litres of water every day. Water is known for his ability to clear out imperfections, so always aim to drink around 8-10 glasses a day to ensure glowing and youthful skin on your wedding day. Weekly exfoliation is also beneficial and helps you get rid of the skin’s impurities. If you want to add some plumpness to your face then invest in a hyaluronic acid serum.


What about facials? Our advice is to start incorporating facials into your skin care regime every 4-5 weeks. Find a therapist that you can trust and work with to get that gorgeous glow you are after. We advise to have your last facial at least 9 days before your wedding to allow your face to recover if any redness occurs.


It’s important to get a makeup test done with the exact same makeup products that you will be using on your big day. This will give you the benefit of experiencing what your makeup will look like after wearing it for a few hours.

Get Active

We can’t stress enough about the importance of keeping active. Not only does working out make you look incredible, it also boosts endorphins which improve your mood and your skin!

We also recommend lifting weights to obtain toned, strong arms that will look slender in your wedding gown. It would be a good idea to also invest in a personal trainer a few months before your wedding, they will give you that extra push and you will notice changes to your body much quicker. Of course, this goes hand in hand with eating, so make sure that you are eating healthy to enhance that pre-wedding glow!


Start to work towards smooth, flawless skin. This is achieved through regular body scrubs, we recommend exfoliating every 2-3 days weeks to rid of dry, flaky skin. Always finish off with a good moisturiser to keep your skin glowing and feeling soft. You can also treat yourself and book in for a deep body exfoliation at your favourite spa.

Tan test

If you are thinking of getting a fake tan for your wedding, then we advise that you book in for a couple of trials to ensure that you are happy with the colour, as well as test out whether it streaks or not. Book your final tan in with the same therapist that tanned you before. Do this at least 2 days before your wedding.


This may not seem like the most obvious thing that comes to mind, however your wedding perfume plays a key role in your bridal beauty regime. Think about how your perfume matches the occasion and is also not too overpowering. Remember that many people will be kissing you congratulations, so you have to smell gorgeous and fresh throughout.

Remember to book all your appointments well in advance to avoid disappointment, do some homework as many spas and salons may offer bridal or special packages, and you too will be a beautiful bride!

With love from Corinthia London,