Instagram and Pinterest most definitely have their place in the wedding world, there’s no denying that but what about something more wedding-specific? Where do you look for that? Nowadays there really is an app for everything and your wedding is no exception.

This week, With Love from Corinthia explores some of the best apps on the market to help you design your dream wedding. Our Top 10 will help make the planning process much more effortless and perhaps a whole lot more fun.

Pick what apps are most relevant to you (you probably don’t need all 10!), get the most out of them but try not to become too reliant on them. After all, it’s always a good idea to get tips and insights from friends and family who probably know you better than an app, and your potential suppliers who have more experience in your chosen area or venue.


1. Brides Magazine Wedding Planner

From finding a venue to a dress to a honeymoon, BRIDES have it covered in their app. The easy to navigate app really does serve as an excellent tool for all brides. It stores your to-do lists, allows you to set out and manage your budget, and provides essential information for planning your special day. A reliable and uber useful app, we would definitely recommend this to relieve some of the stress!


2. Wedding Hairstyles

Created by Hair Ideas magazine, this app provides you with wedding hairstyles to suit any bride. Up-dos, curls, flowers or accessories…there is a range of ideas for whatever style you choose. Having an app that breaks the designs down into categories for you to easily flick between makes choosing your ‘do’ a lot easier and helps your stylist to know exactly what you are after!


3. MyFitnessPal

Wedding days are all about looking and feeling your best and as we know, that rarely comes without a lot of hard work and dedication! Whether it is improving your fitness levels, toning up or for your general health and well-being, using an app may help to give you more motivation since you can easily track your targets along the way. Aside from assisting you in recording the effectiveness of your workout, the app also aids you in tracking your specific food intake which a bride needs to ensure sufficient vitamins for healthy glowing skin!

4. Wedding Registry Apps

Registry apps are fantastic in ensuring that you receive items that you both want and like. Gone are the days that you need to smile politely at the vase that perhaps is not quite to your taste or you end up storing items that get tucked away gathering dust. Wedding registry apps enable you to choose the items that you would like your guests to opt for and therefore you can meet a variety of budgets. Just by scanning barcodes or selecting directly from the websites, the app records all of your findings and categorises them, making it simple for you to keep track and also for your guests to navigate. John Lewis, Amazon and Ikea are some of the many to participate.

5. Destination Weddings & Honeymoons

Honeymoons so often involve a destination that neither you nor your partner have been to before therefore it can be tricky finding your way. This app provides both information and advice on places, hotels and activities which can all prove very helpful. And even better, the reviews and additional advice come from real life brides and grooms.


6. WedPics

One of the most popular wedding apps on the market, WedPics allows you to capture unlimited photos and videos from your guests in one place and share them through social media. This is a great tool so you have a mixture of professional and more candid shots so you don’t have to worry about missing a memorable moment. Not only a photo-sharing app, you can also link your registries and share information about any of your wedding events to your guests.


7. Room Planner by Chief Architect

Ever fancied yourself as Kevin McCloud on Grand Designs? This app allows you to play both architect and designer! Upload the dimensions and details of your chosen venue space and then play around with table set-up, positioning of the bar and how much space to allow for the evening buffet.

8. Colour Inspector

Sometimes when putting all of the details together, the many shades of pink seem to start to blend together. Once downloaded, this app converts your phone into a colour detector and assists you in the compilation and comparison of all of your details.


9. Instructables

Whether on Pinterest, Instagram or wedding blogs, DIY weddings are all the rage at the moment and brides are feeling continually more compelled to be creative and fabricate wedding accessories themselves. But what do you do if you’re not that creative cat but are still feeling the pressure to produce bespoke and handmade items? The Instructables Wedding App is the step-by-step guide for any wannabe DIY bride wanting to impress her guests – no inspiration needed, just instructions!

10. Smart Measure Pro

Potentially one of the most practical apps around, Smart Measure Pro helps you calculate dimensions of spaces. At first glance this may appear non-applicable to wedding planning, however you will no doubt want to know the aisle length, room length and more importantly the distance from the dance floor to the bar!


These are just some of our favourite apps but please get in touch if you have others to recommend! Follow and tag us @CorinthiaLondon and@withlovefromCorinthia with any photos of your big day that you would like us to share!

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