What is an “Unplugged Wedding” we hear you cry! Well, in a modern world where we are so frequently encouraged to snap every passing moment and post it on social media, a wedding can be just too tantalisingly beautiful for our phones to remain in our pockets.

In these modern times, ‘Photobombing’ is not only a term to be used when a person leaps in front of the lens as a photo is being taken, but it can also apply when someone’s phone or iPad screen intrudes on what was initially a lovely photo to capture. Some couples, therefore, have decided that they don’t wish to be wed surrounded by friends snapping away for their Instagram accounts, and they have chosen to hold an ‘Unplugged’ ceremony.

When couples were asked why they would consider holding this style of wedding, they tended to have thought of several negative aspects to having camera phones present at their big day:

  1. In professional wedding photos, all you can see is guests looking down at their phones and not their faces
  2. Guests are often so busy posting a picture to Instagram or sending it on to someone that they are not truly present and miss moments that you would have liked to have shared with them
  3. People are never as natural when they know so many cameras are lurking around every corner
  4. No one needs a “duck face” in their wedding photographs, and that is exactly what selfies encourage…
  5. After a certain amount of time all any camera-phone-wielder is interested in is finding a way to charge their dying battery.

If you share any of these views the solution really is simple, make sure that you have at least one professional photographer present at all times. The best thing to do is to have your main photographer, and a back-up photographer who, by working together, will make sure that all key areas are covered and captured, and no one leaves the party feeling as though they’ve missed a magical moment.

With your photographer organised, all that needs to be done is to advise guests politely that you would prefer for them to leave the photography to the professionals and just enjoy themselves. Perhaps an announcement from one of the wedding party, for example, the best man, or by a bespoke sign – here are a couple of our favourites:

Unplugged 11

Unplugged 1

If you like the sound of having an Unplugged Wedding here are some key messages that we thought you could mention to your guests, just in case they comment on your choice:

  1. You are paying an excellent photographer to capture your special day
  2. All photos taken at the wedding will be shared with your guests ready for them to download and use or show to people
  3. Seeing them involved, talking and having fun with each other is a far nicer sight than seeing them looking down at the glow of a phone screen
  4. At the end of the day, it is the collection of professional wedding shots that you will treasure, frame or slip into an album, not the snapshots or selfies which were taken and uploaded with a hashtag.

Everyone is different but if you can’t cope with the idea of photo-bombers or serial tweeters at your big day, perhaps ‘Unplugged’ is the way to go…

With love from Corinthia London,