First things first, don’t forget to get the Groom involved!

He’s popped the question, and almost certainly your husband-to-be thinks that he can relax now. After all he’s done the hard work and all that’s left to organise is his suit and turn up to the venue on time, or so he thinks!  However, there are plenty of ways to get him involved and by working together you can divide and conquer to make sure everything goes to plan.

Here is our countdown as a couple:

Announcing your engagement

Before spreading the news on social media sit down together and write a list of people you need to inform personally about your engagement. As well as parents, take the time to call grandparents, godparents and close friends personally – they’ll all appreciate hearing the news from you and will be eager to share in this happy occasion. Only when you’re sure that those closest to you have heard is it appropriate to go viral with the news!

The detail is in the planning…

Supplier meetings

It’s a great idea to attend together – think venue, cake, food and drink tastings, flowers… these are the fun bits and doing them together will mean that sharing your big day is even more special as you’ve both had input. At Corinthia London our Wedding Planners love to meet you both because it helps us when we are planning your day to think about what it is that you both want and how we can make sure both your expectations are exceeded.

The detail is in the planning…

Guest list

In your minds you’ve both thought about who you would like to include as part of your big day, but don’t forget to discuss it from the offset. It’s a good idea to discuss how many people you want at the wedding and then each choose who you want on your respective lists before compiling the joint list? Once you know how many guests you are going to invite, whether they get to bring a plus one or their children, you can then plan the seating.

The detail is in the planning…


Are you going to be having a top table and then tables broken into the bride and grooms side? Or do you want to mix things up? Why not get creative, think about each of your guests and what their interests are and then work out those with mutual interests – mixing it up can be a great way of keeping the conversation flowing throughout the wedding breakfast.

The detail is in the planning…

Gift list

Expectations for the gift list can vary significantly for a couple that are setting up home together compared to a couple that have lived together for years. Work together to compile a list of things you would both like – thinking about a wide price range so that guests’ choice isn’t limited. We love the idea of starting a wine collection, or building on your homeware or furniture collection and those always coveted items.

With love from Corinthia London,