Awakening the senses is a large part of your wedding in more ways than one. Often we are so focused on the visuals with fabulous floral displays and finding the perfect first dance song, that more often than not the vital sense of smell is forgotten. Scents can play such a key role in evoking memories and your wedding day is one you certainly want to remember!

This week we are exploring how to incorporate the most fitting scents into your wedding day in three easy ways:


Nature’s answer to scent and the derivative of most perfumes, flowers are able to serve as both a treat for the eyes and for the nose. Follow the lead of By Appointment Only Design, our Corinthia London in-house florist, and incorporate fresh fragrant herbs such as mint to accompany the sumptuously scented garden rose.  Combining such aromas, the delicate fresh yet floral notes are able to circulate throughout your wedding spaces and create a more memorable ambience.




Scented candles are often associated with quiet nights in at home or a long soak in the bath so why not use the same fragrances that you love at home on your special day?  A perfectly chosen scent emitted through candles during your ceremony is an excellent way of adding a luxurious and romantic touch to your wedding as well as potentially calming your nerves!

Diptique and Miller Harris are two classic brands who never fail to disappoint when it comes to filling a room with fabulous fragrance. We recommend choosing different scents for each step of your wedding day journey – the ceremony, the reception then the evening – leading your guests through a sensory experience as the day progresses.

One important factor to keep in mind is we do advise using scented candles sparingly during the wedding breakfast and let the scent of your flowers shine as strong scents combined with food may cause an overpowering clash of odours!


Miller Harris

Bespoke Scents

It goes without saying that you will look perfect on your wedding day but you also want to be sufficiently scented yourself as well.  In regards to personal perfumes, if you would like to get away from your daily spritz and signature scent and have something unique for your special day, then why not look into a custom creation?

We recommend the following companies for their personal approach in finding exactly what you need and then bottling it up:

  • Floris London
  • Jo Malone

Jo Malone


And if you decide that you would like a change but designing your own isn’t an option, here are some of our favourites for both bride and groom.

Bride – Chanel Coco Mademoiselle, Tom Ford Santal Blush, Bvlgari Eau Parfumee White Tea, and Creed Fleurissimo.

Groom – Bleu de Chanel, Prada Amber Yves Saint Laurent L’Homme, and Acqua Di Parma

Hopefully these scent suggestions have provided you with plenty of inspiration of how to incorporate fragrance into your day. We would love to hear how you incorporated scent in to your wedding, follow and tag us @CorinthiaLondon and @withlovefromCorinthia

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