Choosing wedding shoes is never easy, but is huge fun! There is such a wide variety of shapes, sizes, styles, and colours that finding the pair that will work perfectly with the dress you’ve chosen can seem like such a difficult decision. That’s why we’ve put this list of top tips together – this week we invite you to step into our guide to ensure you float down the aisle, dance your heart out, and kiss guests goodbye with sure-footedness.

Go for Comfort

Our biggest and most important tip to brides when choosing their wedding shoes is to stick to what you are used to and will be comfortable with on their wedding day.  If you’re not used to wearing sky high heels, then don’t wear them on your big day. Remember, you will be wearing your shoes from early in the morning until the last thing at night. However, if you do want some height then great alternatives are available such as platform or kitten heels, whilst satin ballet slippers make beautiful bridal shoes for those of you that prefer flats.

Comfortable & Classy

Comfortable & Classy

Consider the Time of Year

Bear in mind the time of year and the season – we all know the weather in England can be tumultuous so make sure to consider this when choosing your shoes. Closed toe courts or even little shoe boots look lovely for winter weddings, whereas strappy sandals work well in summer, or beach weddings. Having said that, if you want to wear open toes in winter you can – just go for a peep toe with a smaller peep. If you choose to do so though, have a pair of comfortable boots for photographs outside or just for when your feet are tired at the end of the day.

Winter Wedding Warmers

Winter Wedding Warmers

Buy your shoes before your dress fittings

It’s important to buy your shoes before your dress fittings, but after your dress has been purchased. Why? During dress fittings, your seamstress will be working on the proper length of your dress. If your heels are too high – or your flats too low – the dress won’t fall as intended. Bring your wedding shoes to dress fittings so your seamstress can get the perfect length to fit your dress

 Have fun with them

Firstly don’t limit your colour options. White or ivory are beautiful shoe colours, but they’re not the only wedding shoe colours from which to choose! Any colour shoe an be worn. If your wedding theme is pink then add a pop of colour to your outfit with your shoes. Alternatively check your little “something blue”, off the list with a pair of royal blue shoes or add a bit of sparkle to your stilettos to give your shoes the elegant look and a bit of glitz and glamour!

Something Blue Shoes

Something Blue Shoes

Bring a backup pair

Our last tip to you is to bring a backup pair of slip on shoes  just in case a heel breaks, your foot aches, or you just want a pair that’s easier for dancing – after all a girl can never have enough shoes.

Wedding flats

Wedding Flats

With love from Corinthia London,