Planning a wedding and sticking to a budget can often be a challenging process, especially with so many opinions, advice, and inspiration…but who really knows on which items to draw the purse strings, and what to splurge on? Although your budget and how much you decide to spend on each element is personal to you, here are a few tips and tricks on what we recommend saving and splurging on.



Wedding favours are often an element that couples spend a long time ‘umming’ and ‘ahhing’ over, however they certainly don’t need to break the bank. Your friends and family will be delighted to attend your wedding and celebrate your special day, so don’t feel as though you must give them an additional item in return…..after all, feeding them a delicious dinner and showing them a great time is more than enough. If you do want to leave a little thank you, why not browse Pinterest for inspiration and get creative to make favours unique to you as a couple.


Flowers can come under both categories, seeing this in the ‘save’ section does not mean that you shouldn’t have flowers – far from it!  But that you should be smart about it.  Having stunning arrangements for both your ceremony and your reception is ideal but why not double up?  If you work with a great florist such as By Appointment Only Design , after your ceremony the team will transfer your arrangements through to your reception room allowing you to get the most out of your designs, avoid wasting flowers and saving you some money, as you won’t need to pay to decorate both rooms.



Additional food is often required for evening reception guests, but it can easily turn rather costly. So why not skip a sweet treat for your guests and serve your cake instead? Many people find their cake to be left over and wasted when they spent a lot of time sampling various flavours, as well as money on it – so make the most of it and ensure your cake is sliced and served to all the guests.



Let’s dispel the myth that there has to be an open bar at a wedding. No. There is nothing wrong with providing a cash bar for your guests to purchase their own drinks during the evening. You can always limit yourselves to pick up the bill just for the beers, wines, and soft drinks, then if spirits are wanted your guests can purchase these. There is nothing unreasonable in this and it will help control your costs.



Make the most of what you have before you hire in additional items. If, like Corinthia London, your venue provides a range of tables and equipment, then use the equipment offered to pull back on costs, which you can then customise with different linens and decorations to enhance your wedding theme. It goes without saying that it is cheaper to hire a table cloth than it is a table!




In general the bride gets the most attention on the Big Day so why not splurge on a make-up artist and hair stylist to help you look your best? After all, you need to feel happy and confident, especially with the number of ever-lasting photos that will be taken. Having professionals pamper you in the morning of the wedding will also take some of the stress away from you having to do it yourself.  This really goes for the dress and shoes as well – the extra money is really worth getting what you really want and comfy shoes are a must. You can always save on jewellery by borrowing special pieces from your friends and family.

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Your honeymoon is your first trip as a married couple and after all the craziness of your wedding, you want to make it as special as possible. That additional item you were thinking of getting for your one day could upgrade you for a week at your honeymoon hotel, so it may be worth saving on a few things. The honeymoon is time for the two of you to enjoy and not worry about the tastes of hundreds of other people – so be indulgent and spend it on what you want!



Just because your friend’s brother was in a band at school does not mean that he should be performing at your wedding! Especially in terms of a band / DJ, the entertainment can make or break your evening, either getting your guests up on the dancefloor or leaving the wedding party early. It is worth splurging on this and spending time doing your research. The good ones read your crowd and adapt their performance and playlist accordingly. Go for the good ones – everyone remembers THAT wedding with the cheesy band!




There are ways to pull back on the overall costs with purchasing flowers, such as the choice of flower and sizes of the arrangements. But you still need some to bring life to your venue and flowers are always something that your guests will notice. Do remember that they are YOUR flowers so they don’t need to be removed the next day – make the most of them and offer them to your loved ones to take home at the end of the night. They could always double up as a wedding gift to thank those that made the day extra special!


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