The venue is booked, you’ve got the dress and you’re finalising floral arrangements, but there is still lots to do before you walk down the aisle.  With more pressing concerns like tasting the food menu and getting the bridesmaid’s dresses right, it can be easy to overlook your beauty regime, specifically your hair. Paying special attention to hair care and looking after your locks in the months before your wedding is just as important.

Your hair can take a while to get it exactly how you want it to look, particularly if you are growing it out or changing the colour in the run up to your wedding. It is therefore advisable that you begin this process early on in your wedding planning stages, approximately twelve weeks before you say ‘I Do’ is a good rule of thumb, to ensure you are confident and content with your hair on the day.

We spoke to our expert Stylist at Daniel Galvin at Corinthia, Melissa Jones, and we’ve got all the tips to incorporate hair care into your wedding prep beauty regime to ensure beautiful luscious locks on your special day.

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Keep Having Regular Haircuts

Split ends shouldn’t be invited to any wedding! Getting your hair trimmed once every four weeks in the lead up to your wedding ensures it’s strong and healthy for your special day. However Melissa does warn it’s better to be safe than sorry, so avoid having a radical cut too close to your wedding date. ‘I would never recommend someone make a drastic change right before they get married, but a little trim with a hairdresser you trust a week or two before the wedding ensures your fringe and ends are perfect’ says  Melissa.

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Condition, Condition, Condition

If you are wearing your hair down or half up, you’ll need to get it looking as healthy as possible—especially the ends. Melissa recommends a deep conditioning treatment like the ESPA Hair & Scalp Ritual about two weeks before the wedding.  This nourishing thirty minute treatment sees you recline and relax onto a warm, rolled towel to soothe and support your neck whilst ESPA’s new Purifying Shampoo gently yet effectively cleanses the hair and scalp, removing sebum and product residue. ESPA’s plant protein-rich Nourishing Conditioner is then combed through hair, helping to rejuvenate and nourish dry or lacklustre tresses.  Our favourite part of this treatment though is the deeply therapeutic and stimulating scalp, neck and shoulder massage – perfect to clear your mind and soothe the stress that may come with wedding planning. Hair is then wrapped and placed under a climazon for 5-10 minutes to accelerate the deeply conditioning benefits. Not only do you emerge with visibly healthier, soft and shiny hair that smells simply divine but with a revived spirit too!

Daniel Galvin Conditioner

In addition to in-salon treatments Melissa also recommends investing in an at-home conditioning treatment to apply once a week – her favourite is the intensely nourishing Kerastase  Masquintense, available to purchase at Daniel Galvin at Corinthia.

Experiment with Extensions

Melissa’s final tip for brides is to consider experimenting with extensions for your wedding day  – they are way less of a drama than it may sound. And no one needs to know! Very popular with celebrities, extensions are great if you want a little more length or fullness, or if you are worried about your hair holding a particular style all throughout your wedding day.’ says Melissa. It’s best to get these done two weeks before the wedding if you can. Extensions don’t only work for adding volume and length, but can also be used to highlight your hair without damaging your precious tresses. Daniel Galvin at Corinthia has partnered with the world-renowned extension service, Gold Class Hair Extensions, and is in one of only ten select salons in the UK licenced to offer this service.

The philosophy of Gold Class extensions consists of providing a professional application with superior quality hair and the end result looks completely natural whilst protecting the health of the hair & scalp during and after the extension experience.

Gold Class Extensions

Looking for more hair inspiration, advice or a salon to book your wedding hair?  Beautiful bridal hair begins at Daniel Galvin at Corinthia. Our team of expert stylists at Daniel Galvin at Corinthia  have created a bespoke Bridal Beauty Countdown experience to guide your through your wedding hair journey from pre-colour and conditioning to your bridal trial and making sure your veil is your crowning glory.

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