You have been talking about spending the rest of your life together and you are now just wondering when your loved one will sweep you in his arms and ask you to marry him! There are lots of questions running through your head, will he know where to do it? Does he know what I like? Will there be people around or will it be private? We know that you want to be proposed in a very special, unique way, so we have listed some tips below that you can print out and casually leave on the coffee table for him to read! Sneaky, yes we know 🙂 !!

1 Find out her ring size: Guys this is crucial! The last think that you want to happen is for the ring not to fit. Go through her jewellery box and pick a couple of rings to take with you to the jewellers. Just make sure that you do not take rings that she wears every day, as your surprise may be ruined! You could also get creative and engrave the proposal date on the ring.

2 Be original! Whilst proposing on common dates such as Valentine’s day, New Year’s Eve or even her birthday may seem like a good idea, well think again! Us ladies want to be surprised, so choose a random day that she will not expect! Perhaps plan a mini weekend away. Simple is also always great, such as when you are spending a quiet night in, just the two of you at home!

3 Make an effort! You are only going to propose once (we hope) so go the extra mile, think of the exact location, the exact timing, what you are going to wear and prepare a little speech to say to her when you are down on one knee. A proposal is a beautiful moment that you will both remember forever, so make it count!

4 Capture the moment: Nerves and emotions will be all over the place and you may forget certain parts of the proposal, so place a little camera (you can use your phone) to capture everything perfectly! It is also fun to watch the video down a few days, months and years down the line (or every day).

5 Have fun! The most important thing is to try to relax and enjoy it. Your lovely wife-to-be will be ecstatic that you have proposed in any way that you choose, so try to relax and try not to worry if things don’t go exactly to plan- it will be beautiful just the same!

Good luck!
With love from Corinthia x

With love from Corinthia London,