You are currently on a high. Gallivanting around your home with a massive grin on your face, because the day you’ve longed forever since you were a little girl has become a reality. You are about to get married! With the rush of emotions, you call all of your friends, tell everyone in your family and take multiple pictures of the beautiful ring your significant other gave to you, which may or may not be posted on your social media (but we can’t blame you if you do). After the excitement settles in you begin to think of all the important steps you have to do in preparation for the big day.

All of a sudden that excitement crashes, explodes and can sometimes become a nightmare. Slowly but surely you go over each crucial step to make the wedding the day the best day in your life, but the number of things you have to get done can sometimes be somewhat overwhelming. Where do I begin? What do I do? How will I make this day as special as I want it to be?

Well fear no more, below are a list of highly necessary steps you can follow to make planning that day that bit easier.

1.Set a Date!
Even if it is not the exact date, after the “congratulations”, this is the fist thing that people will ask you. It is a good idea to discuss tentative dates with your partner in order to have an answer to give to your excited friends and family. You do not need a set date; a time frame such as ‘the beginning of next summer’ is more than enough information. It will also help your closest and dear ones keep a mental diary date.

2. Secure a Venue
The next step is to identify what sort of wedding you would like to have. Are you looking to have an outdoor wedding, a destination wedding or a city wedding? Once you distinguish what type of wedding you would like, the next thing you would need to do is wedding venue research. Identify a number of venues that you would like to visit and begin to enquire to see whether they have your preferred date available and eventually set appointments to see the spaces. Give yourself at least one month to view all your chosen venues. It is important to meet with the wedding planner-coordinator to take you through the spaces available for your special day and at the same time could give you a good feel of the kind of service you could expect throughout one of your most important days of your life.

If it is a memorable city wedding you wish to have, then look no further – Corinthia Hotel London boasts a magnificent ballroom, which can seat up to 150 guests in the most spectacular surroundings.

Et voila…Once you have your venue booked and your date secured, you are then well on your way to getting married and the wedding team here at Corinthia London will guide you and keep the stress at bay that all brides can at time encounter- let us walk you through the rest of your planning list with ease and calm right up to your wedding day.

3. Lock down the service
This is the next and crucial step. You would immediately need to contact and organize your church, synagogue or civil registrars. At Corinthia London, our Courtroom is licensed to hold civil ceremonies for up to 150 guests.

4. Wedding planner or not?
Now is the time to review the finer details of your wedding, such as the flowers, theme, stationery, cake, favours and so much more. It is important to work out whether you are happy to take care of these things on your own or whether you would prefer the help of a wedding planner to help save you time and stress.

5. Start a wedding budget
There are so many little details that need to be taken into consideration when planning your wedding that it is easy to get side tracked and go over budget. We recommend creating a wedding spreadsheet with all the costs outlined, so that you would never have to worry about over spending!

6. Have fun and relax!
Spend time together and make it a point not only to talk about wedding details. There is not going to be much time when you are alone together, so enjoy every single moment. Make time to relax, sleep and pamper yourself. Our ESPA Life at Corinthia spa, is the most perfect place to enjoy some downtime together, with a variety of treatments and packages, you will surely find something that is perfectly suited for you.

With love from Corinthia London,