Are you considering having children as guests in your wedding? We know that deciding whether to invite children can be difficult. And so, we have some tips on how to make your wedding fun for them!

For most children, weddings mean a day of partying in pretty dresses, playing with other kids, lots of cake and sweets. However, they can often find the ceremony and wedding reception long and super boring. So, if you have decided to have children at your wedding, you need to think carefully about how you are going to handle and entertain them so they have the best day ever!


Little Ones at Weddings

The little ladies will be delighted with pretty dresses but the little men tend to be much pickier about their outfit!

If you are having flower girls, page boys or ring bearer, you need to make sure their outfits for the wedding are comfortable. They will be much happier!


Little Ones at Weddings

Make sure you give them an important job. Most children love to be part of the wedding. And for those children who have a job on your wedding they know exactly what they have to do!

Practice the walk a couple of times with them before the day of the wedding until they are comfortable with it. Bear in mind, no matter how much they have practiced, on the day they can become shy or uncomfortable so it is best to have someone they know to keep them calm and busy with their toys!


Make sure there are food options for kids in the menu. Most children are fussy with the food, so choose a child-friendly menu and you will keep them happy!

Often children are seated with their parents but they get bored quickly so consider having one table only for children, let the fun begin!

Teenagers attending the wedding should have their own table, if there are only few, seat them with their parents but do not put them with the younger children, they will not be impressed!


Little Ones at Weddings

Since children have short attention spans, it’s good to have a kit of entertainment  (board games, balloons, kid-friendly DVDs) already set up in a separate room from the wedding reception!

You could also prepare goodie bags for them with drawing kits! Make sure you get for every boy the same gift, and another gift for every girl, if not the same for everyone – you don’t want them fighting over that box of scented markers!

Mrs. Doubtfire on duty!

Little Ones at Weddings

You might consider arranging childcare to look after the children during the wedding. Here at Corinthia London we can help you arrange it. They will entertain and supervise your little ones which means you and your guests can relax and enjoy yourselves knowing the kids are staying ‘out of trouble’ but most of all having fun!

With love from Corinthia London,