Many of you have seen and are following our @WithLoveFromCorinthia Instagram page and we hope you’re enjoying it. A stunning bride here, a fabulous flower arrangement there, and perhaps a glimpse in to our stunning penthouses… it really is the place for lots of wonderful wedding inspiration!

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This is the page our Corinthia brides love to keep an eye on, make notes on the finer details, and discover more about their fabulous wedding venue. Often it is also a fun behind-the-scenes insight into what Hannah Routledge, our Wedding Executive, gets up to when planning all the Corinthia Weddings!

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Besides something to pass the time while you’re on your commute, waiting for an appointment or just blatantly procrastinating by looking at cute pictures of puppies, is Instagram any real use at all?

Well the answer is YES!

In the lead up to your wedding use it for inspiration and to get ideas from your suppliers.

Instagram is a great tool for helping you perfect your wedding vision and bring it to life. Many find Pinterest to be too overwhelming in regards to the volume of ideas from all around the world and can often prove impractical. You may see a photo you like but later find it was created by someone across the world and now it’s impossible to source!

The Joys of Instagram? You have your inspiration and ideas clearly visible on the supplier’s page so you can follow them and enquire accordingly.

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Flowers for example… Where to start? We all love flowers, and they are an essential element to your wedding; you’ve seen hundreds of images, but have no idea what will work in your venue! Solution: follow your venue and follow your florist!

For example, you’re holding your special day at Corinthia London and have decided to go with our fabulous in-house florists, By Appointment Only Design. Following @byappointmentonlydesign and @byappointmenttony gives you photo after photo of their heavenly floral displays from weddings and other events, in arrangements you may never have thought of.

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Combine this with the @withlovefromcorinthia page, and you can remind yourself of set-up styles and details of the spaces.

Always try to be unique with your wedding design as opposed to a carbon copy, however do take note of what has been done before and what works. Whether you’re researching make up @makeupana, photography @jezdickson or cakes @cakesbykrishanthi… have a peek and see what’s out there!

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Fast forward past the planning and it’s time to involve Instagram on your wedding day. In this day and age, your friends will be snapping and posting but you need to make sure you don’t miss any of the great candid shots! It often takes a little while to get your professional photos back so you need to savour your guest ones for a while instead. By creating a unique hashtag for all of your friends to use, you’ll be sure to have a wonderful collection of filtered photos to scroll through the following day.

Make sure your tag is distinctive and hasn’t been used before, make it short and simple, make your guests aware and let them do the rest!

These are some of our picks for you:

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From initial inspiration to final photo feeds, Instagram truly is a wonderful tool for you to help both plan and capture your special day. It would be a shame to miss out! Follow and tag us @CorinthiaLondon and @withlovefromCorinthia and we can share your big day too!

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With love from Corinthia London,