Choose the perfect location

You want your guests to feel impressed as well as to leave them thinking that your wedding is a true representation of you both. It’s not just about the location, but also about the personal touches at your wedding that make it unique and individual. It is therefore important that you start with some brainstorming. Think about what is it that you both like? Are you both foodies? Then perhaps Italy or France would be a perfect location. Do you both like adventure? Costa Rica could be the perfect option? The list is endless so give yourself plenty of time to plan.

Visit the destination!

Make it a point to visit the destination at least once to get a feel of the place. We recommend taking a few trips out there – the first trip should be all about sourcing the perfect venue and local hotels, by finding a selection of accommodation you should be able to find something to suit everyone’s budget. Also investigate different suppliers, think about who you will need to supply different elements for your wedding. As a starting point, research local florists, production companies, photographers and caterers. It’s also a good idea to get supplier recommendations from the venue as they are likely to have contacts you can use already. As you get closer to the wedding, you would need to schedule another trip for your menu tasting as well as to finalise the little details.

Beach Weddings

Do your Research

Getting married oversees can be a little complicated when it comes to getting the legal bits all sorted out. We cannot stress enough about the importance of researching marriage licences in your chosen destination. Many countries have a residency requirement which can be anything from 3-40 days, in which you would need to reside in the country before being able to get married. Alternatively, you could think about doing the legal bit at home in a registry office and then having the blessing in your country of choice, this can also help to take the stress out of the day itself!


It is important to bear in mind that guests will be travelling to celebrate your special day, some from further afield than others. Make it a priority to ensure that you research a handful of different budgeted hotels as well as obtain special group rates. A clever idea would be to provide your guests with a booklet of information about the destination and some other travel tips.

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Most destination weddings take place in exotic, sunny locations. However, this does not mean that you can completely relax. Always have a backup plan, just in case the weather turns for the worst!

We hope these tips have helped!

With love from Corinthia London,