Brides are leaning towards wreath bouquets, which makes an exciting change from the standard bouquet. Think outside the box, a winter wedding is a wonderful time to incorporate non-floral elements into the standard bouquet, such as white snowberries and pepper berries. Eucalyptus also adds a fresh touch and brings in more of that nature element. Brides are also mixing textures into the button holes.

Think bold colours….

Rich Reds:

Red, darker flowers have always been a popular winter wedding choice. Deep red roses, rich anemones and dark orchids can be used to create the romantic, dreamy setting. When it comes to centre pieces, try using a variation of heights and shades whilst also incorporating festive items into the floral arrangements which can create a stunning effect.

Festive Floral Trends


Interflora claim that “Cool blue, silvery greys and snowy whites are the perfect colour combination for a bride who wants to inject some winter sparkle into her wedding day.” Try using large headed Avalanche roses, blue hydrangea and grey-green eucalyptus.


Winter White:

We all love a white Winter, and although white is often used in weddings, it can also add to that festive feeling, try adding some sparkle to your white arrangements, combine dark coloured candles and vessels to obtain that winter glow!

Festive Floral Trends

If you don’t want to much festivity in your floral arrangements, try adding a few Dusty Miller leaves to and bouquet and or table setting. These textured leaves are an attractive addition. For more floral inspiration please visit our in house florists at By Appointment Only Design.

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