From classical solitaire rings to vintage coloured cuts, various stones and shapes all mean something different!


Wedding Ring Advice

Classic Solitaire

Timeless and elegant, one perfectly cut stone is more than enough for you and you also think that there is something unique about having one diamond! You love tradition and sophistication. Your wedding will be stylish but custom and you will surely be wearing white on your fabulous day.

Wedding Ring Advice

Oval/ Pear Cut

With round cuts being a little too customary for you. An alternative cut depicts that you are a bride who wants her wedding to be filled with fun and laughs! Your day will be relaxed yet extremely stylish, family and friends would be the most important part of your wedding such as Blake Lively’s big day!

Wedding Ring Advice


You are definitely the life of the party and your wedding has to reflect just that! Different is key and your focus is the party! Your dress- short and edgy, you may even wear a jump suit! Your muse- Olivia Wilde! Your wedding will no doubt be unforgettable for the amazing party thrown!

Wedding Ring Advice


You love luxury and extravagance, and your wedding will not fall short of any of that! There will be no expense spared and you are most likely to have a destination wedding, somewhere fabulous such as Tuscany or Greece!

Wedding Ring Advice


You are nonchalant and extremely individual! You adore the fact that there is a past and a story behind your ring and that it has essence to it! Your ideal wedding would most likely be in nature, in a marquee by the ocean or a rustic barn in a forest!

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