The first dance is one of the most exciting moments on your wedding day but is often a time dreaded by those with a lack of rhythm or pizzazz. Without a doubt it is the first opportunity for the newly-weds to savour an intimate moment alone after sharing the day with family and friends, and to celebrate their new status as a couple.

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Traditionally the first dance takes place after cutting the cake and is a memory that will stand the test of time. For a lot of couples, selecting the song for their first dance is the easiest part of the planning process but for others the decision is not quite so simple, so to make the routine a little more hassle-free, enjoy our top tips on planning a faultless first dance.

Common myths for the first dance include having a clear-cut choreographed routine, performing an elaborate display and picking a unique song that no one else has used.

No, No, No…

Truthfully, the choice is personal to every couple. If you are a confident dancer and wish to surprise your guests with an extravagant choreographed routine and rehearse your starring moment months in advance then you go right ahead. However, if you prefer a much more subdued performance, then dancing naturally with your partner, like you would on any other occasions, can be just as lovely.

As for the song, it can be nice to move away from the expected, but if that classic cliché song is your song, then keep it and enjoy it for your special moment!  There are no rules around song choice, choose what works for you.

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Top Tips

  • Be conscious of your outfits on the big day – when practicing you will most likely be wearing comfortable clothes, so make sure the routine you have planned is possible in a fitted suit or princess style wedding dress and keep in mind heels may affect your balance.
  • Confidence is key so don’t be overly ambitious! Practice make perfect but simply dance as you feel comfortable and maybe give the splits a second thought if you haven’t tried in the last 20 years!
  • Don’t be put-off if you make a mistake in your routine, no one else is likely to pick up on it so just keep going and enjoy the moment.


The Love of Dance

Alison Brewerton from The Love of Dance, who has taught dance for over a decade and has vast performance experience, helps to create personal wedding dance routines. Alison’s objective is to teach couples to feel as confident as possible performing their first dance and for more ambitious dancers helps plan an imaginative routine.


Having a dance class before your wedding day helps you to feel more relaxed in the build-up to the final moment and if she teaches a future Corinthia Couple, then why not hold your final lesson in the magnificent Ballroom to make the occasion even more special? After all, practice makes perfect!

Photo credit: Mike Edwards Photography 2015

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