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Pre-Wedding Workout Exercises and Tips

We have spent some time with the personal trainers at ESPA Life at Corinthia London who have compiled some tips on the best exercises to get you looking gorgeous according to type of dress that you have chosen.

Our newly-installed Technogym at ESPA Life features the latest leading-edge fitness equipment. The gym is luxurious and discreet which makes it ideal for brides to- be to

How to Budget for Your Wedding

Here are our top tips to help you plan your budget:


The first and probably most important detail to focus on is your wedding venue.  Try to get a good idea of the number of guests that you would like to invite as this will help to narrow down your venue search. Don’t forget to ask the venue whether they

Top Wedding Beauty Requirements


Start off by drinking at least two litres of water every day. Water is known for his ability to clear out imperfections, so always aim to drink around 8-10 glasses a day to ensure glowing and youthful skin on your wedding day. Weekly exfoliation is also beneficial and helps you get rid of the skin’s impurities. If you want to add some plumpness to

What to include in your speech and how to toast!

There are three speeches that occur during a traditional British wedding; the Father of the Bride, the Groom’s, and the Best Man’s.

The Father of the Bride’s speech should be warm and personal, and begin by thanking the guests for attending the wedding, whilst acknowledging those who have travelled from afar to celebrate the bride and groom’s special day. The speech should then

Wedding Hair Tips

How close to the wedding should you colour your hair?

If it is just a tint that you are after, then three to four days before the wedding is enough time to change anything should you need to. Normal standard highlights should be done at least a week before. For grey-hair and/ or re-growth, Alex recommends one to two days before to ensure that your

Wedding Invitation Etiquette – Your questions answered

When to send out wedding invitations?

The time frame in which to send out invitations usually depends on the location of your wedding. Traditionally you should aim to send out your invitations about 2 months before the wedding, leaving guests plenty of time to keep the weekend free and clear their diaries. Destination weddings usually require a longer time frame. It is advised to initially

Wedding traditions that can be broken!

1 The bride’s family should pay for the wedding!

Times have changed and the bride’s family are no longer expected to take care of all the wedding festivities. We are increasingly seeing both families contributing as well as the couple themselves offering to add to their own wedding. Always remember that whoever pays has a say, therefore chose your contributors wisely!

2 Bridesmaids


How to Plan For a Destination Wedding

Choose the perfect location

You want your guests to feel impressed as well as to leave them thinking that your wedding is a true representation of you both. It’s not just about the location, but also about the personal touches at your wedding that make it unique and individual. It is therefore important that you start with some brainstorming. Think about what is it that

Wedding Dress Trends – Spring 2017

Oversized bows also took centre stage, designers such as Carolina Herrera and De La Renta exploited this trend, turning even the most simple dresses into something outrageous and distinctive.

This season also saw brides wearing colour, which is something that we always love to see as it shows individuality and confidence! Pantone’s Rose Gold was often witnessed on the catwalk. However, we are

Little Ones at Weddings

Are you considering having children as guests in your wedding? We know that deciding whether to invite children can be difficult. And so, we have some tips on how to make your wedding fun for them!

For most children, weddings mean a day of partying in pretty dresses, playing with other kids, lots of cake and sweets. However, they can often find the ceremony and

Planning the perfect proposal

You have been talking about spending the rest of your life together and you are now just wondering when your loved one will sweep you in his arms and ask you to marry him! There are lots of questions running through your head, will he know where to do it? Does he know what I like? Will there be people around or will it be

Rise of the Mini Moon

Jetting off on a long holiday right after your big day, sounds like a fabulous idea but it is becoming more and more unrealistic due to more extravagant weddings taking place leaving not much time to plan your long trip. However a break to unwind after the special day is much needed and this is were the mini moon comes in.

We absolutely love the

Winter Wedding Hair & Skin Care

We know how hard it is to keep your skin and hair looking fresh and radiant during those winter months, but don’t give up, a new year means a new skin care routine that will leave you feeling renewed and revived and ready for your big day. We sampled hundreds of products and treatments, here is our top pick of what to use – Happy

Wedding trends to avoid this year!

You’re engaged, so much excitement, all that you can think about is your wedding. So as most brides do, you set up a Pinterest board and begin to pin anything and everything that you think would make for a fabulous wedding…. But hold on, before you get carried away, trends come, and go and we thought that we would help a little with some of

New Year January Wedding Planning

You are currently on a high. Gallivanting around your home with a massive grin on your face, because the day you’ve longed forever since you were a little girl has become a reality. You are about to get married! With the rush of emotions, you call all of your friends, tell everyone in your family and take multiple pictures of the beautiful ring your significant

Wedding Wellness

When planning a wedding all you can visualize is the moment you walk down the aisle in your one-of-a-kind wedding gown, with your guests smiling at you in awe of your beauty, and of course your wonderful dreamy partner beholding you with a look of admiration and happiness. But until you get to that point in time you will be faced with multiple ups and

A Heavenly Honeymoon in marvellous Malta


Once the dress has been hung in the wardrobe, the marquee dismantled and the thank you letters (almost) underway, it’s time to pack the passport and head for sunnier climes!

And where better to go than the balmy Mediterranean archipelago of Malta? With white sands, crystal clear waters and blazing sunshine for at least twelve hours a day in summer it is the


What is an “Unplugged Wedding” we hear you cry! Well, in a modern world where we are so frequently encouraged to snap every passing moment and post it on social media, a wedding can be just too tantalisingly beautiful for our phones to remain in our pockets.

In these modern times, ‘Photobombing’ is not only a term to be used when a person leaps in

Pre-Wedding Hair Care

The venue is booked, you’ve got the dress and you’re finalising floral arrangements, but there is still lots to do before you walk down the aisle.  With more pressing concerns like tasting the food menu and getting the bridesmaid’s dresses right, it can be easy to overlook your beauty regime, specifically your hair. Paying special attention to hair care and looking after your locks in

Magnificent Monograms

What better way to personalise and add special touches to your wedding day than to incorporate your initials as newlyweds.

Monograms are custom logos of your initials, typically the wife’s name on the left, husband’s on the right and the initial of the last name in the centre. These symbols have been around for centuries, starting as a way to identify belongings and a mark