A problem on the soccer field, which will have no consequences on the track.

Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz were among the protagonists of the friendly soccer match between the National Drivers' Team and the All Star Team, a traditional charity match that opens the week of Monegasque commitments culminating in Sunday's Monte-Carlo Grand Prix. The two Ferrari drivers gave space to the event on social media, but what happened to the Spaniard in particular worried them. Who wanted to shed light.

If in fact Leclerc was the protagonist of a tumble as clumsy and comical as harmless, quite different was the perception of what happened to Sainz. The latter was in fact subjected to a conspicuous bandage on his thigh between the first and second half, a situation that required some explanations on his part.

"Hi everyone," Sainz let it be known via Instagram Stories, "I wanted to tell you that I am absolutely fine and ready for the Monaco Grand Prix. What happened yesterday was a simple contact during the classic charity friendly in soccer. No injuries. I had fun as always playing soccer and now I'm ready for the weekend."

"We're here for a good cause and it's still fun, that's what matters," Leclerc wrote instead, commenting on the image in which he can be seen on the soccer field legs up in the air.

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