Absent due to injury, come his barbs at some colleagues (though not mentioned).

Marc Marquez and Fabio Quartararo in the crosshairs of Miguel Oliveira, who does not mention them by name but very clearly berates them in an interview granted in his homeland during his injury layoff from MotoGP.

The Portuguese is stationary for the aftermath of shoulder problems remedied in the Jerez crash, caused by contact with Quartararo. In Portimao, on the other hand, Oliveira had been involved in a crash caused by Marc Marquez and, in an interview granted to 'Radio Renascenca,' he urged all his MotoGP colleagues to be more cautious on the track.

"We are racing with very heavy and fast bikes, capable of exceeding 300 km/h," Oliveira stressed. "You can't go straight and drop the brakes, you need more responsibility. I would also like to be able to trust the Panel, but we are noticing a lack of consistency and little uniformity in penalties."

"My shoulder injury still hasn't been resolved," added Oliveira. "I am not able to say already when I will be able to return to the track, although I am told it will take 5-6 weeks. However, I prefer to wait longer, but come back when I am 100 percent. Then I will try to fight for the championship, which is still possible at the moment, or at least aim to win races. I continue to believe in that."

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