Ericsson, who won the 2022 Indy 500 and has finished sixth in the IndyCar standings with Ganassi for the past two seasons, has no deal in place for next year but can’t formally negotiate with other teams until August.

After remarking recently that his phone has been “quite busy” with interest from elsewhere, Ericsson has gone on record saying that he wants to remain at Ganassi for 2024 – but his drive there has thus far been bankrolled by support from Swedish billionaire Finn Rausing.

Ericsson wants better terms going forward, and when team owner Chip Ganassi was question by media at Indianapolis, he said that “Marcus has a big future in the sport and I want it to be on this team” but that “we just need to finalise some sponsorship”.

When asked by Autosport what Ganassi meant by that latter remark, Ericsson replied: “Yeah, it’s a good question. But I don’t think it’s a question for me, really.

“I’ve said a few times now that I want to be treated as a top driver, because that’s what I am in this series. It’s where I wanna be and hopefully we’ll get to that point with Ganassi. I feel like I deserve that.”

Marcus Ericsson, Chip Ganassi Racing Honda

Photo by: Geoffrey M. Miller / Motorsport Images

Ericsson said he’s been hardened by his earlier career, which included five years racing in Formula 1 with Caterham and Sauber/Alfa Romeo, before he switched to IndyCar in 2019.

“It would’ve been nice to have everything sorted already for the future, but I think – at least in my career – I’m used to running most of the season and not knowing what I’m doing the next season,” he added.

“Would I like to have it different? Yeah. But it’s not the case, so I can’t really focus too much on it.

“For me, I need to focus on delivering on track, I feel I’ve done that this year, I’ve been strong this season with leading the points until the last race and we’re in good shape and looking good for the 500 again this year.

“I need to keep my head on that, and focus on that and I think, if it was 10 years ago, I’d have been more affected by the situation, but now I feel like it doesn’t really affect me. I’m focused on what I need to do.”

Ericsson is in his fourth season with CGR, with whom he has scored four wins.

“I’ve loved my time so far with Ganassi, it’s been great,” he said. “I’ve been building every year and getting stronger every year with the #8 team. It’s been working very well.”

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